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Dr.Kazuya Nakashima

After completing high school and university in the United States, Dr. Nakashima returned to Japan to enter Tohoku Dental University. After receiving his license to practice dentistry, he has continued to attend dental training seminars in Japan and overseas. Dr. Nakashima is currently a member of a number of professional organizations in Japan and the United States.

Professional Organizations

・American Dental Association
・American Academy of Periodontology
・American Association of Endodontists
・American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
・Japan Dental Association
・Japan Association of Endodontists

Dr. Nakashima is also a Tax Exemption For Diplomat, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and several other foreign chambers of commerce in Japan, as well as with a number of foreign enterprises in Tokyo. Dr. Nakashima and his dental practice have been profiled in several major Japanese magazines.

Philosophy of Informed Consent


Dr. Nakashima is a fluent speaker of English, and takes pride in following a philosophy of informed consent with patients. Conditions are explained clearly and concisely, and courses of treatment are discussed with the patient to achieve solutions which are acceptable and practical.

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